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Every Thursday @ 7:45 pm

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This year the CCO WORD Study will focus on the Epistles of the New Testament. These are formal letters of instruction, written by the Apostle’s Paul, John, Peter, Jude & James the brother of Jesus; these letters were drafted to instruct, remind & encourage, the leaders and members of the early Church.
What is contained in these fantastic letters are gems, which will change your life and the lives of those you minister to.

Bishop Jonathan Will be teaching on Topical Subjects, focusing building Gods kingdom in our hearts.

Fr Paul Will be teaching on the Twelve Sons of Jacob and their meaning for our lives.

Reuben = “behold a son”
Simeon = “heard”
Levi = “joined to”
Judah = “praised”
Dan = “a judge”
Naphtali = “wrestling”
Gad = “troop”
Asher = “happy”
Issachar = “there is recompense”
Zebulun = “exalted”
Joseph = “Jehovah has added”
Benjamin = “son of the right hand”

Included will be a variety guest of speakers from within & outside our Community bringing an encouraging word throughout the year.

This is sure to be a blessed year, as we anticipate Jesus being formed more fully in our hearts.

We encourage you to join us online
Thursday, September 29th 7:45 pm
as we kick off the new year with
teaching and instruction from God’s Word.

Click on the Link…JOIN US ONLINE:

Be Blessed
Fr Leo

Online Help
Fr. Leo Benjamin
Phone: 561-908-3614

Pittsburgh Pa.

tHURDAYBr Regis Conley
Phone: 412-352-6617


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