Count Down to Pentecost #3

2017-02-21 07.58.28

By Fr Paul Stewart


Psalms 119: 17-24 

17 Deal bountifully with your servant; then I will live and keep your word.
18 Open my eyes, so that I will see wonders from your word.
19 Though I’m just a wanderer on the earth, don’t hide your commandments from me.
20 I am continually consumed with longing for your rulings.
21 You rebuke the proud, the cursed, who stray from your commandments.
22 Remove from me reproach and contempt, because I observe your instruction.
23 Even when Princes sit and plot against me, your servant meditates on your laws.
24 Also, your instructions are my delight; they are my counselors.

David continues his praise for God and his word; he cries out in song,  “Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from your word.”

He was one of the wealthiest kings in the history of Israel, yet he asked the Lord to “deal bountifully” with him.  There wasn’t much that David did not have at his disposal and yet he was crying out to the Lord for a greater bounty.  What was this? “That I might live and keep your word,” he pleaded with his God.  David found abundance layered within the precepts and instructions of the Word of God.  He saw each day an opportunity to know, and to follow the Him, more passionately.

The lands, the riches, and power he could obtain being king could not satisfy him. But the mysteries and the wonders of God brought tears to his eyes.  David knew from his own experiences it took an impartation from God’s Spirit to perceive the hidden things.  Moving towards Pentecost, we are saying these same things.  “Open my eyes, so that I will see wonders from your word.”  I want this intimacy with you, Jesus, come Holy Spirit, help me


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