Quiet Walk On A Father’s Day

By Fr. Stephen Young

The woven voice of God, so full

  Melodious in currents streaming,

    So deep, so sweet, Our voice compared, so incomplete.

      In Sunday praise, to God we reach,

    But the song of wind and warbler,

  The ear of God they do truly meet,

Holy are they, pure and clean.

We gather, seeking a wilderness temple,

  Revealed to all, its veil now opened,

    We priests enjoin the sacrifice,

      Immersed, renewed by the Laver’s water

      Entering now the Presence, God’s sacred Presence.

    Off with shoes!

  Knees to earth,

This is truly Holy ground.

Shekinah Glory, a pollen mist,

  An incense blessing from brother pine,

    Fills the sanctuary in benediction,

      Holy, Holy, Holy; Lord God Almighty!

      Oh Father, seen in winter’s ice,

    Your Son heard in the many waters,

  And Holy Spirit felt through morning mist,

The essence of a triune God.

A rainbow’s promise in color proclaims,

  By red, the Lamb of love was slain,

    By yellow our redemption claimed,

      By blue the Comforter ordained.

      An empty cocoon; an empty tomb,

    The stone rolled back,

  Life from death; Love and hope,

A mystery, a miracle, a resurrection!

My naked feet upon the earth, intrude,

  Foreigners yes, but strangers not,

    From dust, I came,

      And to dust, I shall return.

But till that Day, that glorious day,

  For which all creation waits,

    I will tend the garden precious,

      Walking and talking to the One I know,

        Who loves me so, my Abba Father

On this our Father’s Day. 

Please feel free to share how God has expressed Himself to you through His “Book of Nature” as we walk and talk together in the garden with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, anticipating the coming of Christ and the new heaven and new earth!


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